MCPVP Cloaker Guide

MCPVP Cloaker Guide

Cloakers allow you to protect your bank from xrayers on all of the Hardcore PvP servers. It does this by making an area around the cloaker appear as stone, until you get within close proximity of the Cloaker. This makes it so that your bank will be disguised as insignificant stone to xrayers passing overhead. The Cloaker is somewhat hard to craft/mantain in order for their not to be a significant amount of Cloakers, which would cause lag.


Recipe for Cloaker

Cloakers appear as lit furnaces renamed to "Cloaker" in red text. When you place and right-click a Cloaker, a custom inventory will come up with some useful features.


The default inventory of a Cloaker

  • The slots filled with piston heads are insignificant.
  • The paper shows information on the Cloaker when you hover over it.
  • The 3x3 window can be filled with diamonds to increase the range of the cloaker. Putting more than 1 diamond in each slot has no affect.
  • The pumpkin allows you to toggle the status of the Cloaker from on to off. If it is a regular pumpkin, the Cloaker is disabled; If it is a jack-o-lantern, the Cloaker is enabled.
  • The slot below the pumpkin is the input for fuel. The Cloaker must be given diamonds as fuel in order for it to work. Each diamond fuels the Cloaker for 24 hours and you can put a full stack in the slot at a time. You may see how long the Cloaker is fueled for by hovering over the paper.
  • The right-most slot allows you to change what type of block the cloaker disguises the region as. By deafult the Cloaker disguises the area as stone. This feature is useful for Nether bases.
  • By default, the Cloaker covers a 5x5x5 area, with the Cloaker being at the center. You can upgrade this by putting 3, 6, or 9 diamonds in the 3x3 window, which make the Cloaker cover a 7x7x7, 9x9x9, or 11x11x11 area, respectively. Putting more than 9 diamonds has no affect.