MC Smash How to play

MC Smash How to play

Inspired by Nintendo's Super Smash Bros., Super Smash PVP is a knockback battle filled with powerups and kits to maximize your damage. Games are structured into tournaments, where 8 players face off in a series of rounds to determine the winner of the game. The goal is to hit the other players off of the map so that they fall into the void.

Elo System

Smash PvP uses an 'elo' system in order to judge the skills of players. Everyone starts with a base elo of 1,000 and then elo is subtracted/added from there based off of how well they do. The system calculates how much elo should be added/subtracted at the end of each round and tells you in chat what the outcome was. A leaderboard for the gamemode can be found here .

Knockback/Damage System

You do not lose hearts in Smash PvP. Instead, the more a player is damaged, the further they can be knocked back. Their 'smash level' is indicated by what is normally the XP level in minecraft, which goes up as a player takes more damage.

Rocket Jump

All classes start with a Rocket, which gives you the ability to jump in mid-air. The rockets allow for 2 jumps while in the air, with the exception of Garth, Jiggly, and Louis, which allow for more. If you crouch when you right click the rocket, you will be shot more horizontally than if you don't crouch. This is good for when you've been knocked off of the map and are trying to get back.


Kits in Smash PvP are based off of characters from the Super Smash Bros games, but their names have been slightly altered, perhaps for a combination of humor and potential copyright issues. Kits give you 2 special abilities (usually in the form of an item which you right-click) which come in handy while you're playing. You can read descriptions of kits and buy them from here . All players can get one free kit after they've signed up. After that, kits are $3.50 each. In addition, there is 1 free kit that you can choose in-game, which cycles weekly. Players are given a certain color of leather armor based off of the character they choose.

Kit Name Super Smash Bros Character
Blink Link



Browser Bowser


Doctor Mario
Garth Marth
Jiggly Jigglypuff
Louis Lucas
Metoo Mewtwo
Pika Pikachu


Items spawn randomly across the map on top of stone slabs. The item which spawns can be any one of the following:

Item Name (Actual Item Name) Description
Hammer (Iron Axe) When picked up a tune from Super Smash Bros plays. During this time the only thing in your inventory that you can use is the hammer. The hammer deals major knockback but you must be wary since you can't use the rocket jump.
TNT When right clicked, Spawns Primed TNT with a velocity in the direction that you are facing.
Land Mine (Stone Pressure Plate) When right clicked, throws 2 stone pressure plates in the direction that you are facing. When someone steps on one of these pressure plates, Primed TNT is spawned in the location which immediately explodes.
Home Run Bat (Stick) Crouch to charge up the damage dealt. Has 3 uses.
Fire Flower (Rose) When right-clicked, fires a series of ghast fireballs. Has 5 uses.
Swift Feather (Feather) When right-clicked, gives jump-boost III and speed III for 30 seconds.
Monster Ball (Egg) When thrown, can spawn mobs, ranging from a squid to an ender dragon. Despawns after a certain amount of time.

Gold Apple 

Heals all of your smash level.
Maxim Apple (Apple) Heals 80 points of your smash level.

Metal Block (Iron Block)

When right clicked, greatly increases your 'weight' for a certain amount of time. When your weight is increases, you don't recieve as much knockback as before, but you also can't jump as far.